Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bush: 'An Extraordinary Period For America's Economy'

And if you watched the clip... be sure to read Roubini's latest for a better definition of 'extraordinary': Is Purchasing $700 billion of Toxic Assets the Best Way to Recapitalize the Financial System? No! It is Rather a Disgrace and Rip-Off Benefitting only the Shareholders and Unsecured Creditors of Banks

"So this rescue plan is a huge and massive bailout of the shareholders and the unsecured creditors of the financial firms (not just banks but also other non bank financial institutions); with $700 billion of taxpayer money the pockets of reckless bankers and investors have been made fatter under the fake argument that bailing out Wall Street was necessary to rescue Main Street from a severe recession. Instead, the restoration of the financial health of distressed financial firms could have been achieved with a cheaper and better use of public money."
emphasis added

And a video clip below of Jim Rogers calling Paulson's Plan 'Welfare for the Rich':