Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bank of America in talks to acquire Countrywide Financial

From the Wall Street Journal:

“Bank of America Corp. is in advanced talks to acquire struggling Countrywide Financial Corp., according to people familiar with the situation.”

“It isn't clear how quickly a deal might be struck, but two people familiar with the matter said it could occur very soon. It also is possible that an agreement could be delayed or fall apart altogether.”

“The market value of Countrywide has plunged to about $3 billion, which represents about two months' profit for Bank of America. The Charlotte, N.C., bank paid ...”

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Countrywide has been struggling with the U.S. housing slump, and on Wednesday said foreclosures and late payments among home loans for which it collects payments rose to the highest levels on record in December.

"‘Somebody is going to have to absorb the massive losses in right-positioning Countrywide,’ said Sean Egan, managing director of credit-rating firm Egan-Jones Ratings Co. ‘It can be done, but the cost is going to be exorbitant. From Countrywide's perspective, it is their best chance for salvation.’"

Shares of Countrywide Financial (CFC) surged 51% to 7.77.



upthecreek said...

posted by Cramer in Feb of 2007
"Ya right Mr Bobblehead"

Countrywide Still Looks Like a Buy

By Jim Cramer Columnist
2/6/2007 3:19 PM EST

The conundrum of Countrywide going up even as another subprime dealer, Mortgage Lenders Network, goes under, may be answered by a simple tenet: The weak hands are going under, leaving the biggest and best to triumph.

When I pulled up with Angelo Mozilo, the man who built Countrywide -- the man who is Countrywide, some would say -- we joked about how strong Countrywide's business is because it has always "modeled" the bad loans better than anyone. One of the mistakes made by the analyst community is believing that any loans that go under could be death to a lender. In truth, the good ones model what will happen under a lot of scenarios, and it is pretty clear that Countrywide has the best models. Always has.

When the company's stock got bid up on takeover rumors, despite insider selling, I expected it to come right back down.

It didn't because what's really happening is the long-awaited shakeout. There have been too many crummy players in this business. You are seeing the small ones go under -- and some larger private ones, too. What you aren't seeing is the pullback in the major brokerages' business that is emblematic of a recognition that the margins got too bad in the subprimers that they bought to get the flow for mortgage back. You heard this if you listened closely on all the big brokers' conference calls.

If the brokers are pulling back and the smaller independents are going belly up, that leaves Countrywide to reap the benefits of the inevitable expansion in margin that comes from the end of the price wars for subprime.

That's why it is going up. That's why it will continue to go up. That's why Countrywide is still a buy, despite the problems in housing and the headlines about how bad this business is.

Anonymous said...

Nice post! Let's see what bonehead has to say tonight. A month or so ago his site ( was making fun of Mozilo with a youtube cartoon. F* bums. Should all be put to jail.

2and20 said...

congratulations dimitris, you finally killed them :)

got equity said...

They didn't model anything better than anyone. The business model was based on being a high volume middleman pumping out exotic loans and when investors stopped buying the garbage, their game was up. They can offer conforming 80% LTV mortgages, but how are they any better at this than any bank or credit union?

Mary Popins said...

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realtor said...

what ever happened with this situation? I dont know how smart of a move it would be for BOA

Kinkypupper said...

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I had a savings or checking acct (and a business acct.) with Bank of America even before it was Bank of America in Oregon. (Benj. Franklin Savings and Loan) since the mid 1960’s
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However it never happened….
I put my home of 30 yrs up for sale as I knew I could not keep it going and I have approx. 10k in credit cards with interests now at near 30%. It was time for me to pack up and get out of town before things got worse.
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After 30 yrs I will be receiving a check in the amount of $100.40

Gee do you think I can use that for a Down payment.

Phillip Moulton

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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