Thursday, June 5, 2008

Over One Million Homes In Foreclosure

A grim first quarter report from the Mortgage Bankers Association's shows the housing crisis is getting worse. Mortgage delinquencies rose in the first quarter to 6.35%.

From CNN:

The Mortgage Bankers Association's first quarter report showed that a record 2.5% of all home loans being serviced by its members are now in foreclosure, which works out to about 1.1 million homes. That's up from the 2% of loans, or about 938,000 homes, that were in foreclosure at the end of 2007.

The report also showed that 448,000 homes, or about 1% of loans being serviced, began the foreclosure process during the first quarter. That's up from about 382,000 homes, or 0.83%, that entered foreclosure in the last three months of 2007.

This marks the sixth straight quarter in which a record percentage of loans went into foreclosure. The trend has led to widespread declines in home prices, as well as huge losses for banks and other financial firms that issued or invested in the loans.

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The problems in California and Florida are extraordinary and they are the main drivers of the national trend. The quarterly rate of foreclosure starts on subprime ARM loans in California was 9.24 percent. This rate, combined with Florida’s rate of 8.25 percent, drove up the national average foreclosure start rate to the point where 43 states were below the national average of 6.32 percent. California saw a total of approximately 109,000 foreclosure starts and Florida 77,000. The next highest states were Texas, Michigan and Ohio with between 24,000 and 20,000 each.

Here's a direct link to latest MBA National Delinquency Survey.


13 comments: said...

Wow, unfortunately all you can say is wow, and if your not one of the people that got in over their heads and aren't losing your home, give your self a pat on the shoulder. I currently am a co founder on a website along with I am an account executive for a wholesale mortgage lender in Orange county, I see these foreclosures every day. It's quite disturbing, as it is a buyers market the buyers doing the purchasing are of course buying a new one and letting their current home go to foreclosure. When are we ever going to learn .

James said...

Just found this article and sound interesting...thanks..

Anonymous said...

Lets get real here guys, no one is LOSING THEIR HOME, this is bull. There is no one that has paid over 6 months of mortgage that is being foreclosed on. Almost every single one that I have seen (and I have been in the market to buy a foreclosure for 6 months now) is a refinance.

Hre is typical scenario in CA:
They refinanced the house for 20% more than its worth at the time, STUPID LITTLE BACK GAVE"EM THE MONEY. Then they said, sc#@$w you, I am not even making one monthly payment. They took the cash and bought a nicer, bigger place with banks money and let the house go into foreclosure.

I have been to so many short sales where the owner has a brand new (not even plated yet) car in the driveway and is claiming hardship to the bank and is not making payments and is living free for another whole year like that.

Anonymous said...

Every homeowner’s story is different. Some people were truly misled by industry professionals. Most new and existing homebuyers are not well versed in the mortgage do's and don'ts. When they are told by a professional that they qualify to purchase their dream home, they go for it. Not thinking of the future consequences. They figure that their representatives know best; when the truth is that the "professionals" shouldn't have presented properties that were out of their price range. They recommended house based on credit score, not true financials. (coming in July)

Anonymous said...

I have been refinancing or trying to with countrywide my bank since march 26 , I have done everithing they asked me for . Close all my credit cards becauase is a debt consollidation loan , I was supose to sign last thursday, but something happenneed , now tehy said thaha thr loan where to plano texas to be authorized can any body gime and advise on whwt to do

Michelle. said...

Countrywide has significantly contributed to a collapse of the national economy by way of reducing consumer confidence. Greedy, sleazy, and unlawful: They deserve everything that's coming at them – don’t allow powerful corporation heads escape our legal system.

They are one of the nominees in Corporate Accountability International's 2008 Corporate Hall of Shame for their predatory mortgage lending to elderly and non-English speaking borrowers, among their other abuses.

Foreclosure Doctor Online said...

What a great post! Definitely shows how foreclosure is a growing problem in our economy. Hard to believe that over a million homes now are in foreclosure. People need to seek advice on what to do when faced with foreclosure.

The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

I worked in sub-prime in the 90s and my wife worked for a credit consolidation company for awhile. Way too many borrowers lived their credit to the maximum. They left no room for the little bumps in the road of life. These are frequently the same people, when we had to foreclose on them, blamed us for lending them too much money. It wasn't their responsibility that they had a new lexus and a two week family vacation in Europe and a mortgage worth more than their home. It is because of these people that people who tried to behave responsibly are suffering.

meshil said...

A California and Florida must reduce the main drivers due which the subprime loans will also be reduced and at the same time the foreclouser will come down.

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STLRealtor said...

We have had tons of foreclosures in St. Louis. Its crazy when I go to a realtor meeting, everyone is saying "oh yeah I am getting involved in foreclosure listings now" said...

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Anonymous said...

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