Thursday, June 7, 2007

Comparison of California REO Asking Prices

When Banks Compete, You Win.

CA REO count- Chase: 498;Countrywide: 1655;IndyMac: 75;Ocwen: 437;Downey: 80

It will be interesting to see where these numbers are come September.




Bubble Sitter said...

I keep getting messages in the bottom corner of my computer from this web site. How do I turn that off?

Thank you.

Dimitris said...

What kind of messages? Is it just from this site?

Bubble Sitter said...

I thought they were from this site. Now SacRealStats says Sitemeter (the hit counter) was installing 3rd party cookies on visitors to his web site (
so he just turned them off. Perhaps it was that. I don't know.

The notices appeared in the bottom corner of my computer screen, sort of like instant messaging, alerting me to updated information. Finally, I clicked on it & it sent me here, though some looked like they came from It was annoying, but now it has stopped.