Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Foreclosure Assistance

Landed on this site in need of foreclosure assistance? Here are some links below which can be of help:


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Anonymous said...

I have a home mortgage with Countrywide and am "upside down" by about 60K. I'm also facing my first delinquency in over 7 years with them due to the economy. They are urging customers in my situation to call for assistance. This information is presented in the media and their website.
I called and after providing my financial P&L I was told that they couldn't help me because I couldn't MAKE MY HOUSE PAYMENT! Their "assistance" amounted to telling me to either try and sell my home (won't happen) or make more money. (Guess they haven't been watching your news).
This is just more false P.R. Countrywide (BOA) is trying to look like they're interested in keeping owners in their homes...not so.