Sunday, May 27, 2007

No fairy tale; Three pigs found in a foreclosed home in Oregon

Clackamas County, Oregon

Police from Clackamas County Sheriff's Office say that a an Oregon homeowner left three pigs inside his home because he was upset the home went into foreclosure.

Channel 8 reports (and video): “Lovett bought a home on SE Wildcat Mountain Drive in Eagle Creek a few years ago. In January the house went into foreclosure. Neighbors told police that Lovett was extremely distraught over the the situation. He apparently told several that he had put the animals inside the house over a week ago and even joked about the fact that they did not have any water.”

When deputies responded to complaints about the pigs, the inside and outside of the home were trashed.”

“Thomas Getten, an animal rescue expert from Estacada, was called to try and rescue the pigs. He was able to coax them out of the house with some food. He told KGW that the three pigs were a little dehydrated but otherwise doing fine.”

Neighbor Pat Bradshaw in the video appears to have a good sense of humor about the situation and begins to laugh when saying: “I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in”—when trying to describe how he saw “three little pigs” looking out from his neighbor's window.

See slide show of ransacked house


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Anonymous said...


We need to get a good handle on REO removed from CFC list.

Do you count how many new REO are added and how many removed per state ?

once you have a list of what was removed we could start in 4-6 weeks to see on trulia or zilow if they were sold and for how much. this would give us an idea for % loss CFC is taking on each sale.

I would also expect that by now CFC is aware of this site and they will avoid placing some of their REO on the list so that your stats don't jump too high. I would not be surprized if they have REO that is not selling they would just remove it from the list (even if not sold) - this is why tracking the REO removed/added is important - we can tell if they remove more than actually being sold. How we do that ? CFC can not sell more (on avg) than the % of what being sold from MLS. If inventory is about 8 months we should not expect CFC to sell more than 12% per month.