Tuesday, May 22, 2007

8,190 REO's listed for sale on Countrywide Financial's website as of May 22, 2007

8,190 REO's Listed
Total Asking Price: $1,593,201,601
(As of May 22, 2007)

Source: http://www.countrywide.com/purchase/f_reo.asp

A detailed breakdown by state is available here.



Anonymous said...

Great job!

Is it possible for you to track REO's that have already been sold?

In other words, can you please track total REO's versus those that are currently available?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

it is VERY strange that there is 0 change in Ca. numbers.

it could mean two things:

1. CFC web data base was not updated

2. In Ca.: number of new REO = number of sold REO

Do you have any more insight ?

given that Ca is about 25% of the total this is very significant data that might be missing.

Kevin said...


You might want to check your numbers again. I just calculated 1423 REOs for california which would explain the 0 increase.

I think your script just missed CA this time.

Dimitris said...

Kevin, thanks for the heads up. It's updated to 1423 for CA. I haven't checked their site for almost a week now so I can't comment on whether it was because of not being updated or because of any possible errors. Trying to download the listings from California or Michigan is getting harder because of time out errors.

Anonymous said...

so after updating Ca. and Michigan is there a change to the total script ?

also can you say anything about property sold Vs new REO ? how are the stats on what is removed Vs what is added ?

Thanks for your great work.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how many CA. REOs CFC was trying to sell this time a year ago?